I'm a public servant trying to close gaps between policy, business, tech.


Studied Political Science at NUS.

I loved comparative & money politics. But I did lots of IR. 🥲


Webdev since 2000s (XHTML, PHP4), back for Wordpress, then Javascript and Python frameworks.

Building PCs, love the value but hate the cable mgmt.

Tech business & entrepreneurship, listening to people talk problems.

Stable diffusion LORAs to get free Korean AI portraits


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Hoping to do tech better.

"Formally, the tech implementers are not charged with building services that meet users’ needs or achieve policy goals. Their job is simply to meet a predetermined list of requirements. These are often exceedingly specific, but nowhere in government documents will you find a requirement that the service actually works for the people who are supposed to use it."

—Recoding America: Why Government Is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better
I've worked for 11 years in the public service. Here's a breakdown.

Tech (51%)

Service Delivery Tech Team Lead

Manage products, tech consultancy for citizen & employee services.

Tech Infra Policy Team Lead

Policies & funding for cloud, on-prem hosting, SG Tech Stack, endpoint devices, dev toolchains.

Comms Tech Team Lead

Developed & bought media analytic products. Led investments in NLP & CV research.

Comms (28%)

Media Relations Officer

Managed media and collaborated on unpaid features of MINDEF & SAF.

Comms Strategist

Crafted comms campaigns and strategies.


Policy (21%)

NS Policy Officer

Did NS policies for sportsmen, leave, citizenship, exit control. Worked in Committee to Strengthen NS.

I enjoy side projects.
I get to build things, try new tools.

From Python's grip I boldly flew,
To JavaScript's wild, noisy crew,
Typescript calms the frenzied code,
But Go's sweet whispers tempt the road.